our proudcts

  • iMaquette

    The most recognized Real-estate presentation system. The combination of Interactive Large screens and dedicated software helped the greatest real-estate developers make Read More

  • Dynamic Stands

    Logica Dynamic Stands are our Top-Tech AI controlled portable stands. Beside it high maneuverability when moving in every direction, it also will change its Hight and Tilting angel to Read More


  • iMaquette Live

    iMaquette-Live is a “Multi-Channel 3D Interactive Presentation System” combined with a “Customer Response Analytics System” for On-Line and Desktop use . Read More

  • iModel

    A unique combination between Physical and Digital Maquette. Read More

  • iNatilus

    The only real-time rendering 4D presentation system in the market. With our unique 10 Axis space-Navigation controller, you can make a tour Read More

  • i- Table

    The iTable provides the mechanisms for users to more readily integrate group experiences and knowledge through easy to use touch based interactions, and the responsive.Read More

  • Virtual Mannequin

    Our virtual mannequin uses projection technology to create the illusion of a real person or any character. Read More

  • Magic Media

    Magic Media system is the innovative visual display system that allows people to directly interact with a large projected ad or game with their body movements, . Read More

  • Magic Display

    A flexible, self-adhesive film that can be applied to windows or transparent partitions. This film provides crisp. Read More