Our virtual mannequin uses projection technology to create the illusion of a real person or any character. Our virtual mannequins are used for a huge array of applications: the possibilities are limitless. Examples include welcome greeters, queue management, security messages or simply to keep your customers entertained.

All options can also be interactive by incorporating a tablet or mobile wi-fi device. This is filmed and built to your unique requirements.

Our virtual mannequins can be multi-lingual, they operate 24/7 on a continuous loop and never take a break! The flexibility of the technology means that you can update your message on a regular basis. As the human form stands out better than static posters this innovation is guaranteed to get noticed — whether it be recall or crowd pull at exhibitions.

There are so many uses for a Virtual Mannequin and interactive features.

Virtual Presenter
Warm up prior to a seminar or similar event.

Forces Recruitment Assistant
Police, Army, Navy, TA etc…information for recruitment, further actions etc

Virtual Sales Assistant
Provide information about car models, boats and other luxury craft

Virtual superhero - from mild mannered reporter to super dude – maybe!

Virtual Cartoon Character
Not just people, cartoon characters and other popular identities can also be turned into virtual mannequins.

Real Estate Agents
You are no longer restricted by the size of your computer. Show your web site on the interactive advertising screen and potential customers just touch the screen to search for their dream house. They will see all the information available and look at all the different listings in a very limited area of your window. This leaves you with even more space for your static displays!

As you know, Real Estate business is very competitive, so maximise the visual impact on your customers and get paid for it! 

Virtual Videogame Character
Video games are bigger than films, don’t have a cardboard cutout, have an animated full size character to help sell the games.

Virtual Anybody and any object!
Trade shows, seminars, product launches, entertainment and information, virtual mannequins can deliver in a wide range of markets.