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magic media interactive system

Magic Media is a colorful, projected animated floor. For it to move, you must move. Magic Media Advertising is a total new medium to advertise indoors and outdoors. Imagine a Brand advertisement on the street, when the audience walk over it - It starts popping .

We're proud to introduce "Magic Media"The engaging interactive visual communication system that has revolutionized public space entertainment and advertising. People are engaged and entertained as they play games, interact with advertising or create their own magical special effects.


With Magic Media system....anything is possible!
Whether you're looking to permanently install a system in your facility or organization, or just wanting to provide a grand entryway, trade show element, product launch or simply entertain... we can do it!
This unique, exciting and modern way of advertising can create and send powerful messages.

Interactive effects are projected onto the floor. Users manipulate content with their feet, hands or body. Ripples form as you step on a virtual water pond . Ice cracks beneath youR feet to reveal a scattering school of fish. Balls can be kicked around within the space.

In our lifetime, we've seen the creation of the personal computer, cell phone, & the internet. All of which weren't even imaginable 30 years ago. We're proud to announce the newest product that follows this same advancement, "Magic Media System". This system has thousands of uses and endless possibilities. Whether you're looking to permanently install a system in your facility or organization, or just wanting to provide a grand entryway, set piece, trade show element, product launch or simply entertain... we can do it!

In our attempt to constantly offer new and innovative entertainment options, we have added to our inventory one of the most technologically advanced entertainment & décor products available today.

Please take the time to check out the website, visit the different areas and immerse yourself in the concept that with this system, "anything is possible". As we all know digital is the wave of the future, and anything interactive intrigues our senses... so sit back, relax and get ready to be amazed!!

Detailed Product Description
Magic Media system is the innovative visual display system that allows people to directly interact with a large projected ad or game with their body movements, immersing themselves into your message. It provides a full-body interactive environment for an effective and fun experience for all users. This unique system will offer the shopping public an exciting, interactive advertising experience.

Magic Media system is effective in many types of venues, including retail outlets, sport arenas and transportation terminal. It always draws crowds at trade shows and takes entertainment to new levels at clubs and other location based entertainment sites.

Magic Media system 's array of special effects can be customized in endless ways. Ripples form as you step on pools of water. Images flip or fly with the sweep of your arm. Fire, bubbles and beams of light emit as you enter the display area. Picture yourself cracking ice to reveal a school of fish that instantly scatters away. Play virtual soccer and other games or engage interactive display advertising that is both informative and entertaining.

Some of our advantages
• Surprising, innovative form of promotion. Use of Magic Media builds an image of modern company, open to new trends.

• Arouse considerable interest among consumers. Interaction allows to build stronger ties with customers, so content is easier to remember.

• A higher degree of technological advancement. Opportunity to distinguish from the competition.

• Attractive form to diversify each event. Effective sale act. Attracts the attention of participants, engaging them and encouraging them to interact.

• Support an advertising campaign using Magic Media. The floor can either be a main attraction or supplementing an existing campaign.

• Want more? Use whispering speakers, which enhance the effects on the client. The sound is coupled with the image creating interesting interactive audiovisual fusion.

Magic Media [Water Effect] Logica Tech @ Boatshow 2010 Magic Media [Matrix effect] Logica Tech @ Boatshow 2010 Magic Media In Dandy Mall  2010 By  Logica Tech

Traditional advertising media is passive, relying on the user's interest and attention span to be effective. The Magic Media System grabs the user's attention by introducing an element of fun and interactivity through the creation of a good experience rather than a static visual.

The standard system includes a number of compelling applications that can be customised for your specific needs. Promotional applications include a realistic illusion of walking across water with your company logo beneath the surface. Another application allows users to walk in through a garden where flowers bloom from their every step.

What's more, the projected area can allow for multiple simultaneous users, introducing a social aspect missing from traditional promotional media.

Magic Media provides a new approach to finding your way around a shopping centre. A map of the centre is projected on the floor allowing users to interact. Users literally stand on the store they want more information about and see store details, current promotions or advertising. This cost-effective technology makes it all possible.

Simple, fun, exciting educational games can easily be created using the Magic Media System. The Recycling game allows you to use a real broom to sweep virtual trash into collection areas. The applications for the Magic Media system are limited only by your imagination.

To see the Magic Media System in action is to instantly realize the power it has for communicating with your customer base in a new and exciting way.